The boys joined the scouts where Bob was a scoutmaster. Other interests were soccer and football but their main love was the sea, They were both strong swimmers and enjoyed all activities like fishing, boating and surfing. Ian’s strong love of surf has remained with him and he and his wife Linney live in Margaret River and both enjoy that activity today. Even their overseas holidays usually incorporate this.

Alan and Ian attended South Coogee School where they made many friends of ethnic heritage. Glen Jacovich of Aussie Rules fame was in Ian’s class and many of the children have remained friends and their mum’s close friends of Margaret. Margaret helped out in the school as a parent help and also ran a small stationery and school uniform shop for the convenience of the pupils. When the boys went to High School she took on a job at the South Coogee Pre school and had many happy years there and enjoyed being part of the children’s lives. Bob finished up a maintenance supervisor for bulk handling at Kwinana. A few years before retirement he was a maintenance officer for the silos throughout the wheat belt and loved the job.

On retirement Margaret and Bob bought a trusted “troopy” and comfortable caravan and travelled the length and breadth of Australia for many years. This was a very enjoyable period for them both, seeing the wonders of this great country and catching up with relatives and friends. In more recent time they usually go down south in the summer or up north to Exmouth where they spend the winter months with mates of like interests.

Alan has never married and lives in the metropolitan area. He has always had a love of the bush and the ocean and enjoys working with computers.
Ian and his wife Linney live in Margaret River. Ian is a painter and decorator and Linney works for the Shire. They both enjoy entertaining their many friends, enjoy travel and both have a deep love of surf and are both accomplished surfers. Linney was born in Vietnam and adopted by a loving Australian family as a baby and brought up in Armadale NSW. Strangely enough this family were also named Thomson but we don’t think any relation to us. The family consisted of Mum and Dad and four strapping Aussie brothers. They were a very civic minded family and excelled in sport. Qualities they have passed on to Linney in spades. When Linney got married her four brothers carried her to the ceremony with her sitting on a chair on a raised platform like the Queen of Sheba.

Margaret has kept up her Navy connections and is a member of the ExWRANS association and attends many social events and re-unions all over Australia. She always marched through Perth on ANZAC day but in recent time attends the service in Quairading with extended family members.

When the Eagles joined the AFL Bruce and Bev became inaugural members but because they lived in the country could not always attend matches. They very generously offered the tickets to Margaret when not in use by them. A highlight of Margaret and Bruce’s lives was going to the 1992 Grand Final win in Melbourne which was attended with Betty and her son Mark. When the Dockers joined the AFL Bob being a Freo boy insisted we follow them. He bought Margaret a season ticket and for many years she went to all the matches right up until they started travelling. Margaret still loves the Eagles and is proud of their success but is a passionate Fremantle fan and her dearest wish is to see them win a premiership before she departs this life. In fact, the ultimate dream would be for both teams to face off in a Grand Final at the PERTH stadium and of course the results to be a DRAW!

Family has always played an important part of the Thomson/Brown clan and it is wonderful that the baton is being handed down to the younger generations to carry on via the computer. I have done my best to give you a glimpse of what life was for me and my branch of family and it is up to you to embellish my story and add your own.
Margaret Patterson (nee Thomson)

Nine little Thomson kids
raised on “Blair Athol” farm
parents Sis and Alex
ensured they met no harm
John Grace Alex Jean and Betty
Rowly Don Bruce and Margy
made up the Thomson family
and they grew up strong and hardy
Their home was built by Alex
with bricks made out of mud
the farm dished out much hardship though
and they battled drought and flood
A fine Christian upbringing
out there in the bush
they were taught good manners
and not to shove and push
The school four miles from the homestead
was reached by horse and cart
the one roomed one teacher classroom
was all they had for a start
Times back then were really tough
Fine luxuries really short
but the family got through it day by day
with good health fun and sport
The Thomson clan worked extremely hard
and happily survived
surrounded by enduring love
until dear Sis and Alex died

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