Tammin house

CWA Tammin, 1962: Don, Bruce, Rowly, John, Alex, Grace, Marg, Betty, Jean, Alex and Mary

CWA Tammin, 1962: Margaret T, Rowly, Clarry, Alex T, Les, Alex S, Don, Bruce, Graeme, Carol, Frieda, Deryk, John, Jean, Betty, Ilma,Margaret, Grace, Alex nursing Stuart, Mary nursing Janette, Robbie in wheelchair, Rodney, Brucie, Mark, Kim, Neil, Jenny, Gail Absent – Gwen and Kerry

Not long after leaving school Margaret took on housekeeping duties on the farm for Bruce and Rowly, Alex and Mary having retired to their new home in Tammin. This was a very enjoyable period for Margaret. She enjoyed life on the farm raising chooks and turkeys and keeping house which was a bit hit and miss at times. Social life was great. Margaret belonged to both Quairading and Tammin tennis clubs and played goalie in the Tammin basketball team. She loved sport and though not an outstanding player always got a game. She followed the local footy team which consisted of quite a few Thomson’s as our cousins also played. Margaret loved cooking and sewing and fashion. She belonged to the Tammin Junior Farmers Club and took great interest in all the activities and achievement days which were like mini fairs and held in the surrounding towns. She was in the debating team which did quite well and won quite a few awards. A new home was built on the farm and they had a really great house-warming party which the whole district attended.

Bruce, Marg, Rowly

When Rowly got married, Margaret moved into Tammin to live with her folks and worked in the Tammin Co-op for a year and really enjoyed it. There were dances and balls to attend and lots of friends to keep company with. However, the world was beckoning and new horizons were calling. So she joined the Navy to see the world! Well actually, it was just the Eastern States those days. Not like now when the girls actually go to sea! What a joy it was though. The four years spent as a Wran were very memorable and the friendships that were made have stood the test of time. Having risen to the rank of Petty Officer, life was good. But the loss of her father and a touch of homesickness saw her head back West. The next four years were spent working as a civilian at HMAS LEEUWIN in East Fremantle doing pretty much the same office work as she had in the Navy.


Wedding of Bob and Marg

Marg’s Wedding, 1968: Alex, Rowly, John, Don, Bruce, Grace, Betty, Mary, Marg, Bob, Jean

More great friendships were made and that is when she met and married Bob Patterson. Bob grew up in the Fremantle area, his father’s family having migrated there from England in 1912. His mother’s family were originally from Scotland but she and her sisters were born in Northam. Bob and his brother Harry both became tradesmen and Bob worked for bulk handling as a fitter. He grew up with a deep love of the ocean and enjoyed swimming, fishing and sailing. He was an active member of the sea scouts and passed on much of this knowledge to his sons when growing up.

Alan and Ian completed the family. The boys were a delight to Bob and Margaret and both loved the outdoors. School holidays were often spent at the farm where they were always made welcome by the Thomson clan at Blair Athol. Other holidays were spent in the camper van at various beach destinations around the state. One memorable holiday the family travelled to the Port Pirie in SA by train with the station wagon on board. They then drove around the Eastern States finishing up in Sydney, then returning via the Nullarbor. What a wonderful fulfilling time catching up with all the relatives and even went skiing at Mt. Buller.

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