John – Grace – Alex

Jean – Betty – Rowly

Don – Bruce – Margaret

When the war broke out John and Alex joined the forces to do their bit for King and Country. Towards the end of the war Don also joined up. John joined the Air force in 1940 and served in New Guinea. In 1945 Corporal Thomson’s character on discharge was classed as exemplary which was a very high honour. When in Sydney John met a pretty lass called Frieda Junk and they married, raised Carol and Deryk and lived the rest of their lives in Sans Souci, NSW .

Carol’s Wedding: Don, Betty, Rowly, Jean, Alex, Grace, Carol, John, Marg, Bruce

Carol’s Wedding (in laws): Clarrie, Lesley, Ilma, Carol, Frieda, Bev, Marg T and Bob

John, Bruce, Rowly, Don and Alex – 1979

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