RMS Ormuz

The Brown and Loudon families sailed for Australia on the ORMUZ and arrived at Fremantle, Western Australia on the 31st of December 1908.
She  made seventy Royal Mail voyages to Australia and back In thirty two years.

York Railway Terminus

The station opened on 29 June 1885 as the interim terminus of the Eastern Railway when it was extended from Chidlow’s Well. York became a junction station with a line opened south to Beverley on 5 August 1886 to connect with the Great Southern Railway from Albany. The Bruce Rock line opened east to Greenhills on 1 September 1898, being extended to Quairading on 24 April 1908 and Bruce Rock on 28 March 1913. It was cut back to Quairading in the 1990s and closed entirely in October 2013.


Quairading takes its name from Quairading Spring, an Aboriginal name first recorded in 1872. The meaning of this name may be related to “Quairit”, an Aboriginal word for the eldest girl of a family although another source claims it is a corruption of the Aboriginal word ‘Kwirading’ meaning the “home of the bush kangaroo”. It came into existence in 1905 and was gazetted in 1907. The railway arrived in 1908. By 1909 the town had a hotel, a general store, two banks, a blacksmith and a baker.

Craignethan Castle

Craignethan Castle is a ruined castle in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. It is located above the River Nethan, a tributary of the River Clyde, at NS816464. The castle is two miles west of the village of Crossford, and 4.5 miles north-west of Lanark.